Monaco RV History


Few companies can call themselves a luxury brand, and even fewer are able to stand the test of time in this elite category, but Monaco Coach has built its own design legacy, carving out nearly 50 years of luxury RV history. During that time, brands have come and gone, but the company’s dedication to unrelenting craftsmanship and appreciation of owner input has shaped Monaco Coach into the luxury RV manufacturer it is today. Monaco Coach’s success story starts from humble beginnings half a century ago…

“The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you’ve come.”
— Unknown


In the very beginning, Monaco Coach — then the Caribou Manufacturing Company — was focused on building towable units for weekend getaways with a level of luxury unheard of in the market. Three years later, it began work on the “Monaco,” a mini-motorhome that skyrocketed to success, utilizing the same principle of luxury aesthetics that had become ubiquitous with the Monaco name. Less than 10 years later, Caribou Manufacturing Company became Monaco Coach Corporation.


Monaco’s founding father, Ray Mehaffey, began the company in 1968 with aspirations of offering consumers a dream they could actually drive. In just 25 years, the company had produced roughly 1,000 highly sought-after campers, accommodating the growing demands of luxury buyers. When the energy crisis hit in the 1970s, this unique luxury niche and dedicated owner focus helped the Monaco Coach Corporation survive while other motorhome manufacturers blinked out of existence.

Rooted in Oregon, Monaco ownership went to Mayor Brian Obie of Coburg, Ore., with Mehaffey staying a part of the business for many more years. Like the motorhomes he had created, Mehaffey persevered to see the Monaco name grow into one of the top luxury brands. Soon after, Obie purchased the Roadmaster Chassis Division of Chrysler Corporation, adding the power of production to the mix. Over the next few decades, the company would continue to change hands, each acquisition key to building up the Monaco name.

Meanwhile, in October of 2006, the American Industrial Partners (AIP) began its first foray in specialty vehicles with the purchase of Collins Industry. By August of 2010, AIP formed Allied Specialty Vehicles, and in May of 2013, ASV purchased the RV assets of Navistar International, which included Monaco Coach. Two years later, ASV became REV Group, Inc., to reflect the company’s continuing momentum. Today, the Coburg facility is a vital piece of REV Group’s assets, and the facility itself acts as one of REV’s four regional motorhome technical centers. Today, with the backing of REV Group, Monaco Coach’s unwavering focus on luxury has put its owners into an elite group of individuals who own the road.