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Our expert factory technician team offers convenient on-site service at national rallies and owner club events, helping you keep your Monaco motorhome in top condition. When filling out the form, please provide as much detail as possible so we can best serve you.

Upcoming Rallies

Sorry, there aren't any rallies scheduled.

Rally and Event Repair Guidelines

  • Owners Clubs and National Events – Limited to a maximum of 2 functional items repaired.
  • Labor will be provided at no charge, compliments of Monaco Coach
  • All replaced components which qualify for supplier or Monaco Coach warranty will be provided at no charge to the customer.
  • Any replaced components that are not within either the supplier or the Monaco Coach warranty term limitations will be provided at a cost to the customer, but at a significantly discounted price. This special component pricing only applies to services provided at a rallies and events, and may exclude some components.

Items that cannot be addressed at a rally

Safety-Related Exclusions

  • Because we do not have fall protection available, our technicians will not be permitted to get on top of a motorhome roof at any time.
  • Any repairs requiring lifting or jacking of the motorhome, or that would require a technician to work under a motorhome cannot be performed at a rally.
  • Any other repair creating a safety risk for the technician at the discretion of the rally service supervisor

Other Exclusions

  • Certain repairs of doors, windows or windshields
  • Paint and body repairs
  • Installation of accessories or after-market modifications
  • Cosmetic repairs
  • Water filters and/or maintenance items
  • Any other repair that cannot be completed in the field at the discretion of the rally service supervisor.
  • Chassis repairs will only be performed by and at the discretion of the chassis' manufacturer
  • Certain component repairs or adjustments may only be performed by and at the discretion of the component's supplier

If you have any questions please see your service representative at the rally or event.